5 Ovarian Cancer Fact Every Woman Should Know?

Ovaries build up a major part of female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer is a serious and life-threatening disease which develops due to the formation of harmful and cancerous cells in ovaries and nearby region. It may negatively impact health of eggs and lead to complications such as infertility. In severe instances, it may also result in patient’s death. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on health.

5 Most Important Facts about Ovarian Cancer

The following list explains 5 most important facts which every woman must know.

  1. Fact – Every Women Is At Risk Of Getting Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer doesn’t spare anyone on basis of age or race. It is crucial to understand that cancer can happen to any woman. Women must know risk factors and warning signs associated with this disease. Medical experts state that this type of cancer can be easily treated and completely cured when detected in its early phase. Therefore, women must keep a track of any abnormal signs and report it to an experienced gynecologist at the earliest. Most common symptoms include – bloating, feeling stuffed even after small meals, intense pain in pelvic region for more than three weeks.

  1. Fact – It Mostly Diagnosed In Its Advanced Stage

Lack of awareness is the key reason for increasing prevalence of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, majority of patients suffering from an underlying ovarian cancer fail to recognize its symptoms in early stage. This is the root cause why it reaches an advanced stage before getting diagnosed in most cases. At such instance of time, its ovarian cancer treatment becomes a bit difficult and chances of getting cancer-free declines significantly.

  1. Fact – Ovarian Cancer Is Hereditary In Nature

Anyone with a family history of ovarian cancer is relatively more susceptible to developing this fatal disease at some point. Such women must get indulge in regular medical check-ups and live an active lifestyle. They must eat healthy food and avoid heavy alcohol consumption on a regular basis. It can considerably minimize the possibility of getting such type of cancer in long-run.

  1. Fact – Birth Control Pills Help A Lot

Intake of contraceptive pills based on progesterone and estrogen hormones can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of reducing the chances of getting ovarian cancer. Such birth control pills can also work wonders for women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic problems. However, women must talk to a well-trained oncologist or gynecologist prior commencing intake of any medication.

  1. Fact – Cervical Test Doesn’t Detect Ovarian Cancer

It is merely a myth that cervical test can identify the presence of ovarian cancer. A Pap test can be helpful in detecting early stages of cervical cancer but it is not something which it can diagnose. Surgeons mostly recommend transvaginal ultrasound test, positron emission tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, and biopsy procedure to determine the existence of ovarian cancer.