Greatly Improved My Overall Health

Once I went to a chiropractor in Peoria, my overall health greatly improved. It’s funny to say that because many people assume you go to a chiropractor when you’ve gotten whiplash in an auto accident, have a bad back, or have something like tennis elbow. Chiropractors are associated with muscle injuries and repetitive motion problems, but nowadays they do so much more than that. The chiropractor I visited for a shoulder injury not only took care of that problem, but also drew attention to my overall health and how I needed to take supplements to make up for dietary deficiencies.

The shoulder injury quickly turned into a minor situation that the chiropractor fixed with some stretching. The chiropractor thought the real problem might be a magnesium deficiency. Apparently, most Americans have a deficiency in this extremely important vitamin due to depletion of vital nutrients in the soil caused by over farming. One of the symptoms of a deficiency is a problem with your muscles. Aches and pains and even trembling can result if your magnesium levels fall to low. He suggested I start taking supplements to shore up my levels and that the shoulder problem likely wouldn’t return as a result.

He also suggested I take fish oil supplements for heart health and general well being. My blood pressure was a bit high and apparently fish oil can normalize that condition without the need for pharmaceutical drugs that have a lot of bad side effects. The fish oil can also lower bad cholesterol, a condition which left untreated can eventually cause a heart attack. I left the office feeling much better about my health and also with the motivation to do more research online to see what other supplements I should be taking in order to further improve my health. I’m so glad I visited this chiropractor.