A Pure Euphoria Massage Does Wonders

A chiropractor in Petaluma totally turned my life around through the magic of massage. I had always heard about how great massages are when it comes to loosening up the muscles, getting positive energy flowing through your body, and getting rid of stress and anxiety, but I had never tried one before. Basically I never felt like I needed a massage because I’ve been blessed with a healthy constitution and a mentality that handles stress and anxiety well. Things changed when I took a very demanding job at a bank. In no time at all my stress levels went through the roof.

The job really had a negative effect on every part of my life. I couldn’t sleep and I was working way too many hours. I couldn’t quit because I needed the job, but I definitely needed to find a way to reduce my stress. My doctor suggested taking prescription drugs, drugs he promised would improve my outlook on life. Personally, I don’t like prescription drugs and wasn’t about to take something that would almost certainly have negative and damaging side effects. Too, there are too many of these types of drugs that can lead down the dark path of addiction.

A co-worker heard me talking about my doctor’s visit and suggested I go see his chiropractor. He had the same issues I had and suggested I ask for a massage since they offer them at the office. He said I’d never regret the decision so I went in. I don’t remember the exact name of the massage, but oh wow did it work wonders. I got an actual euphoric buzz after walking out, a buzz akin to coming down off a hard exercise workout. I felt so good I just floated through work and slept like a baby. I’ll definitely be going in for a regular massage from here on out.