I Did Not Want to Need a Wheelchair

If I would have had to guess the last person I thought would be in need of mobility aids, I would have instantly said myself. I had always been very active and healthy, but that does not mean a thing when someone loses control of their brakes and their car hits yours at a high rate of speed. I am considered blessed that I am even alive, and I am thankful for that. I had to endure six surgeries, and I may never regain the use of my left leg. My right leg is better, but I still have problems with it.

Because of that, I was having a very hard time getting around. The therapy I had gone through did get me stronger, but I was still very weak and felt like I could not do much of anything. There is one physical therapist who saw something in me that no one else did, including myself. She refused to give up on me, and she would not allow me to do that either. She is the one who convinced me to use a wheelchair until I was able to start walking around on my own. She never lost faith that I would someday do that.

She showed me a website that she often showed other people who needed help too, and then she showed me which wheelchair she would recommend. Honestly, I just bought it without even knowing much about it. I was still feeling pretty pessimistic about it, but that wheelchair purchase changed everything for me. I started to get out more on my own rather than relying on my caretakers and friends, and my strength started coming back quicker than I thought possible. I am still in the wheelchair today, but I am making progress that is even amazing my doctors. Though I am thankful for it, I don’t think I will need this wheelchair much longer!