Fever, The First Symptom of a Cold or Flu

It’s good to know that fever is not treated with antibiotics. To decline, to reach normally, it must to be treated the cause, cold or flu. Besides fever, also appear other inconveniences as muscle and joint pain without redness and swelling, as in rheumatism, chills, nausea, intense pain, headache, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, burning in the throat, a state of malaise.

Physical rest, eating and proper hydration cure this conditions faster and helps the sufferer to avoid the risk of many complications that often can be more dangerous than the common cold or flu. It is recommended that the patient to eat fruit, boiled potatoes and vegetable soup during the disease.

Water or mineral water must be consumed at room temperature and not refrigerated. It is recommended to drink hot tea, especially if there is pain in the neck. Heat just makes even more irritating neck and lengthens healing time. It is recommended infusion of mint, with good effects for nausea and headache, and infusion of basil, two or three cups a day. Basil tea prevents influenza complications; relieve discomfort caused by flu, cough, headache, fever, dizziness.

To improve malaise caused by cold or flu is recommended toes warm baths, every 15, 20 minutes, two or three times a day. Persistent cough can be treated with black radish syrup or onion wine. Very useful is the infusion of plantain or yarrow.

Headache can be relieved with slices of raw potato or cabbage, lightly pass over the rolling pin and fasten on the forehead or the neck with a piece of gauze or cloth. If fails, then make an infusion with a powerful blend of herbs and spices, mint, thyme, basil to improve or even cure the cold.

If you have stuffy nose and cannot sleep, you reach many ways to enjoy a healthy breathing to allow you to sleep peacefully. Put a plate on the stove eye, one that you bake peppers and when it is hot, sprinkle a little cornmeal and inhale the smoke emitted. If you are injured on the inner nostrils, wipe them with vinegar. Cut an onion and put a fresh piece in each nostril. It will help you breathe better soon.

Take a more concentrated infusion of marigold and squeeze lemon juice. From this mixture put drops in nose several times a day. Is not addictive and has no side effects, as happens with drops from the pharmacy. Prepare rations for one day.

If after passage of cold or flu symptoms fever is persistent, it is best to go to a doctor that can detect, after investigation, and establish a correct diagnosis.

Plants that fight fever

Shock is another excellent remedy against colds, flu, cough, bronchitis. Over two teaspoons of dried flowers pour a cup of boiling water, cover the dish and leave to infuse for ten minutes, then strain. Drink hot tea, sweetened with honey and few drops of lemon juice. In case of sore throat, drink hot tea because the heat even more irritated throat and delays healing.

About cinnamon, connoisseurs say has always been used as a remedy against cold. Cinnamon treat cold extremities, muscle cramps, pain caused by cold or flu, rheumatic pain, indigestion, lack of appetite. Spice has no contraindications and can be added to any tea and has the ability to spread throughout the body strong warmth. In case of cold you can prepare also cinnamon tea by putting a teaspoon of cinnamon and two cloves in a cup of hot water. Cover the bowl for 20 minutes, then strain and drink warm, sweetened with honey. In the tea you can add some lemon juice.

Infusion of sunflower petals, also recommended in case of fever, is obtained by pouring a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of dried herb and crushed. Allow to infuse for a few minutes, then strain and drink it hot. You can drink two cups of tea per day, one at night before bed, because tea made from the petals of sunflower causes sweating.

Calivita herbal supplements with antipyretic effect

  • Natural supplement based on white willow bark extract, White Whillow, has the effect of aspirin and is effective in the relief of fever and pain. Unlike the synthetic aspirin, this natural form of aspirin does not show the same adverse effects.
  • Noni juice, as Noni Liquid natural supplement, has antibacterial, antipyretic an antiallergic effect, strengthens immunity, and more than that, supply the body with many essential nutrients.
  • Liquid Chlorophyll extracted from alfalfa, known as Liquid Chlorophyll, has a cleansing action of the body, has antioxidant properties, is useful in sore throat relief; strengthen the immune system by intake of nutrients, and helps in recovering by providing energy rand vitality.

What Explains Asthma in Children?

The occurrence of respiratory diseases among young children is becoming a menace nowadays. Almost a third of children below the age of six are believed to be suffering from one or another respiratory issue. Most of these respiratory problems are chronic in nature and require quality medical treatment and dedicated therapies to be controlled. According to experts, the increasing level of air pollution is a factor behind the occurrence of respiratory ailments in both adults and children. However, there is another factor which is not talked of much, yet causes the worsening of lots of respiratory issues, especially among adults. And that factor is nothing but ignorance.

There is very little awareness among people regarding various respiratory ailments. Very few people would know what is COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. As a result, COPD is increasing at a rapid rate quite silently, and is not being diagnosed until the person has suffered of it a lot. The basic symptoms of COPD are cough, sore throat and breathlessness, which remains for a few minutes. Many people think that these are just initial signs of normal ageing and so, do nothing to deal with the problem. This is definitely a very foolish attitude. If you leave COPD untreated for very long, your lungs can be damaged to a great extent. So, it is imperative for everyone to take every form of respiratory issue and quite seriously and get diagnosed by a good physician. COPD, if treated properly, can disappear completely within a year. However, the patient must be perseverant for that.

Asthma is another respiratory issue, which has been causing problems to a large number of people. The worst thing about asthma is that it causes frequent attacks in the patient which can be triggered by various allergens. The most common of all allergens are dust, smoke, pollen grains and also cold temperature. If you are wondering how to cure asthma, you must know that in most cases, the disorder is genetic and cannot be cured completely. However, most people succeed in controlling the symptoms of asthma to a great extent by availing dedicated therapies. You can also take up Yoga classes to control the symptoms of asthma. Yoga teaches how to control breathing, which provides an asthma patient with the required lung power to fight asthma attacks.

A person can also get rid of asthma symptoms by eliminating the bad habit of smoking. Even passive smoking should be avoided. However, you should also understand that all these external factors are not the only factors of asthma. Genetics is also a cause of asthma and other breathing disorders. This explains asthma in children. In this case too, the issue can be controlled with various respiratory therapies.

What is Prostatitis?

The prostate is a male sexual gland. It is below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The major physiological function of the prostate is to secrete prostatic fluid, which forms semen together with sperm and other materials. If a man found his prostate inflamed and tender, he may have been suffering from prostatitis.
Prostatitis is a very common disease but difficult to cure. It can be classified into four types.
1. Acute bacterial prostatitis
The urethra passes through the prostate. So if bacteria invade into the urethra, they may invade into prostate and cause bacterial infection. The occurrence of acute prostatitis is abrupt with symptoms of high fever, chills, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, difficulty urinating, frequent and urgent urination, etc. Acute bacterial infection is not very common but very serious. Men with these symptoms should get treated as soon as possible.
2. Chronic bacterial prostatitis
This type usually occurs after urinary tract infection (UTI) or acute bacterial prostatitis. If these infections are not thoroughly cured, the infections will develop chronic. Common symptoms of this type is similar to acute. The long-term effects of chronic prostatitis will lead to painful ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. These symptoms can last for months or years if not treated appropriately.
3. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome(CNP/CPPS)
The symptoms of this type are similar with the symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitis. But the strange thing is that there is no signs of bacterial infection in the prostate through the medical examinations. CNP/CPPS is the most common type of prostatitis in clinical cases. The causes of this type are not clear yet. Psychological factors, immune factors, physical injury of prostate are all possible inducements.
4. Asymptomatic prostatitis
In some clinical cases, the patient may have a inflamed prostate but do not have other symptoms of prostatitis. Evidence of prostatitis can be found through medical tests. This condition is called asymptomatic prostatitis. Since it causes no symptoms, it’s no need to take a treatment.
Different types of prostatitis should be treated with different treatment methods. To have a safe and effective treatment, Chinese herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It contains more than fifty types of natural herbs that have multiple function on curing the inflammation. By taking this medicine, the symptoms and the causative bacteria can be eliminated completely, thus, the relapse rate will be lower.